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Meet the Arctic Bearz

Arctic Bearz – The NFT helping endangered animals and your crypto wallet.

With this project we want to point the crypto spotlight at climate change + the species it is endangering starting with Polar Bears. We plan to donate portions of the revenue towards adopting and sponsoring vulnerable Polar Bears, with the first 100 Arctic Bearz holders receiving an adoption pack for a polar bear!

We aim to create a whole ecosystem of male, female and baby cubs created via a breeding system, and to show appreciate and gratitude to our early supporters. Everyone on the Whitelist, and some lucky winners of giveaways, will receive a female polar bear!



The Icy Glaciers • Evolution Phase 1

- The existence of Arctic Bearz starts now.
- Arctic Bearz start taking over all media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Discord & YouTube etc)
- The marketing campaign to ensure Arctic Bearz go global starts now! (The Sea Ice = Pending)
- 3500 Arctic Bearz are born into existence and ready to take over

Throughout the 'Icy Glaciers' Stage we will be listening to our future Bearz and working closely with them to make sure our project is built around the community, and focus on the longevity of this NFT. Once this stage is complete we will move onto the 'Sea Ice' stage where we begin integrating our project within Immutable X and explaining more in-depth about why our project stands out.

The Sea Ice • Evolution Phase 2

- Our 100 original and then extended 250 WL spots will be opened to: Early members, active members, Twitch live stream winners & much more.
- Weekly Twitch and online streams to get the community involved in building the best possible platform.
- Daily sneak peaks will be introduced into the community.
- Did someone say LEGENDARY BEARZ…. Keep your eyes peeled!
- NFT Early Bird Pre-Sale, Pre Sale & then Public Launch will go LIVE.

The twitch live streaming sessions are a great way for members to interact and have some fun together, also a great way to earn whitelist spots! Now that the ‘Sea Ice’ stage is complete we will move onto the ‘Tundra’!

The Tundra • Evolution Phase 3

- Polar bear adoption packs! Adoption packs will be distributed into the community each month!
- Owners of the 8 Legendary Bearz will be rewarded in the theme of the legendary.
- Gobi Bear channel will be launched for all Arctic Bear Owners!
- A DAO is made up of verified Arctic Bear holders who have shown desire to support and progress Arctic Bearz!
- 5% of all proceeds from the mint launch will be donated to our partnering charity that’s supports and helps the endangerment of polar bears. The first 100 Arctic Bear holders will receive an adoption pack for a polar bear.
- Opening of online gallery!
- Discord community giveaways!

We will continue working closely with our Arctic Bearz NFT holders throughout the next stages of our roadmap to improve and expand throughout! We will have more calls and more group discussions to make sure everyone is involved as a community.

The Snowy Peaks • Evolution Phase 4

- Our $10,000 will be gifted to one lucky winner
- LAUNCH of our female polar bears NFT (How many? What price?) - Does this mean breeding CUBZ?
- Weekly Q&A’s
- Our Arctic Bear Newsletter begins!
- Unveiling of our Marketing campaign Stage 2! (10 ETH in cash & prizes to be won)
- Don’t worry early holders will be rewarded! & If you want to go far in this project then remember…. You’ll need a 1+ Male & 1+ Female NFT

The beginning of the Female Bearz (Sow) starts now! We will be rewarding early adopters and doing our biggest crypto giveaway! With so much happening we will launch our weekly Q&A’s and newsletters to make sure you don’t miss anything!

the atlantic shift• Evolution Phase 5

- Developing, advertising & releasing our very own Arctic Bearz Merchandise which will be linked to a custom shop built into the website! All products made from sustainable materials with 25% of all proceeds going to WWF charity.
- The very first exclusive VIP event for Arctic Bearz holders and supporters (details and requirements to be released nearer the time).
- The female Arctic Bearz airdrop begins ensuring the Arctic Pack members who are still holding there Bearz get rewarded with a FREE female Bear.
- Launch of our online gallery including migration to the metaverse allowing 2D/3D versions of our artwork to be published.
- Integration into existing games throughout the metaverse giving ourselves and the community a wider spectrum allowing a more diverse outlook on certain avenues within the metaverse gaming community.


Alpha Bear


yogi bear

Co-Founder & Community Developer

grizzly bear

Crypto Enthusiast

brother bear

PR Team

Corporal bear


zombie bear

Lead Marketer

Scuba bear

Creative Manager

How do I get an Arctic Bear?

Download and install MetaMask

Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.

Buy some Ethereum

If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ether from Coinbase.

Start minting through our website!

Once you have the plugin installed, this website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to bid on, buy and sell Bearz directly in the interface.

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